Do I listen to the Carpet because I’m rad? Or am I rad because I listen to the Carpet? Any way you slice it, Siblo and Whalen are here to reappraise the beloved 2000 record store rom com High Fidelity (3:30), with special guest Dan Ozzi from Noisey in the mix to comb the stacks and wallow in the Cusackian angst. Plus, your Carpeteers continue their month-long dive into the work of erstwhile New Hollywood luminary Peter Bogdanovich, this time falling hard for the Depression-era charmer that is 1973’s Paper Moon (43:30). Don’t get conned–get rad!

Does High Fidelity hold up for you as an emblem to the bygone days of dusty record store splendor? Does it hold up as an effective rom com? Were you as enamored as we were with Paper Moon? Kick us your thoughts on Twitter (@theradcarpet) or via e-mail (–we’d love to work your takes in on the air.

We’ll be covering two famous Bogdanovich bombs next time, Daisy Miller and They All Laughed, as well as wrap up our thoughts on Bogdanovich at large in Wall to Wall Carpet. Until then–stay rad!



What’s up, Bogs? Siblo and Whalen dip back into the Rad Carpet curriculum by watching and discussing some of the key early films of ascotted New Hollywooder Peter Bogdanovich, beginning here with his revered coming-of-age drama The Last Picture Show and the smash hit screwball throwback What’s Up, Doc? But first, the Carpet unfurls for the return of CJ5000, who hops on the mic for a fresh round of In or Out?, with the trio dishing takes on biopics and on somber star (and soon to be Joker?) Joaquin Phoenix. Siblo and Whalen also share their thoughts on 2018’s biggest release to date, Marvel’s Black Panther. It’s an absolutely jam packed episode: hit play and get rad!

Do you have takes on these early Bogdonavich films? Are you in or out on Phoenix? Were we too tough on biopics? What exactly qualifies as a biopic? Any particular favorites that we missed? Any warm Black Panther takes you’d like to share? Jot away in the comments section below, or hit us up on Twitter (@theradcarpet) or via e-mail (–we’d love to hear what you think, and there’s a good chance we’ll read what you have to say on the air!

There’s two more Bogdanovich films to cue up for next episode, the fan favorite Paper Moon and the notorious bomb Daisy Miller. We’ll also be bringing on a guest, Vice’s Dan Ozzi, to Carpet Clean the beloved record store romcom High Fidelity. Stay tuned, and stay rad!


Join Siblo and Whalen as they parse the many rich and varied thematic undercurrents of an incredibly generous year at the movies. You’ll get your Top 10 fix for sure, but first your Carpeteers spend the bulk of the episode bundling the countless notable 2017 films not via numerals but via themes and through lines, hashing out the year in immersive blockbusters, coming out and coming of age dramas, Trump-era button pushers, and so much more. The fellas even dip their toe back into The Shape of Water in response to an articulate piece of listener feedback. The year that was in 2017 is getting one last ride on the Carpet–hop on and get rad!

We don’t want your year end takes–we need your year end takes. Let us know what you thought of our thematic overview: which 2017 cinema preoccupations most interested you? Any films you’d like to add to our thematic roundup? Did one of your top films of the year get the short shrift? Any “of the moment” films you wish we highlighted? Unfurl away in the comments here, on Twitter (@theradcarpet), on our brand spanking new Instagram account, or in the comment section right down there.

We’ll be back on the curriculum tip next month, rolling film on New Hollywood luminary Peter Bogdonovic. Get The Last Picture Show and What’s Up, Doc? queued up and ready to rip. And while you’re at it, stay very rad!