Siblo and Whalen punch their Rad Ticket to Solo: A Star Wars Story, and one of them has a bad feeling about the beleaguered prequel (3:30). Your Carpeteers are also split on John Waters’ ode to cinema terror, Cecil B. Demented (33:45), though in the Wall to Wall Carpet segment they both find plenty to gush over from the late career of the elder statesman of filth (57:25).

Where do you stand on this week’s divisive main features? Are you high or low on Solo? Did Cecil B. send you home smiling or groaning? What are your impressions overall of Waters late “mainstream” period?

Join us next month as we anticipate the release of Incredibles 2 by watching and discussing the animated for of Brad Bird, beginning with 1999’s The Iron Giant. Stay tuned… and stay rad!!!



Siblo and Whalen take yet another jaunt through the superhero franchise tentpoles as they punch their Rad Ticket to Marvel’s new blockbuster Deadpool 2 (3:41), before enjoying some more refined fare with Jordan Reisman’s maternal character study Tully (21:10). Your Carpeteers then continue their month-long look at late-career John Waters, discussing his cult favorite horror comedy Serial Mom (35:50).

The Carpet was split on Deadpool 2: where do you stand on the newest potty-mouthed Marvel? Did you make it out to the underseen Tully? Where does Serial Mom stack up for you in the weird and wild Waters canon? Unfurl your takes on Twitter (@theradcarpet) or via email (, give us a follow on Facebook and Instagram, and be sure to throw us a rating and review in iTunes, Stitcher, or wherever you do your podcatching.

Sit tight for our next episode: we’ll react to Solo: A Star Wars Story and wrap Waters with a review of 2000’s Cecil B. Demented and a chat on his late work at large in Wall to Wall Carpet. Stay rad!


Siblo and Whalen celebrate one full year of the Rad Carpet by returning to sunny, filthy Baltimore to watch and discuss select films from John Waters’ late-career ascent to the mainstream, beginning with 1988’s sock-hopping underdog breakout Hairspray (33:10), and continuing to his only film for a major studio, 1991’s Depp-starring rocka-hillbilly riff Cry-Baby (56:45). But first, your Carpeteers welcome CJ5000 on for the Hole in the Carpet segment, where CJ reports back after watching for the first time ever the 1978 American musical institution that is Grease (4:15).

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We’ll have more Waters coming down the pipe next time as we cover his 1994 bomb-turned-cult fave Serial Mom and his 2000 misfit kidnapping oddity Cecil B. Demented. Stay tuned–and stay rad!!!