Schedule for May 2017: John Waters Pre-Hollywood

For the first month of the Rad Carpet Curriculum, we will dive headlong into the bizarre cult universe of John Waters, covering four of the films that preceded the director’s breakout mainstream hit Hairspray (1988).

We would love for you, our dear listeners, to be part of the Rad Carpet film club, watching along with us and unfurling your own takes via this website and social media, so here’s our viewing schedule as it pertains to the podcast discussions:

Week of 5/15 — Multiple Maniacs (1970), Pink Flamingos (1972)

Week of 5/29 — Female Trouble (1975), Desperate Living (1977)

Keep an eye on this site and on Twitter for more details regarding our May 2017 broadcast schedule, as well as for future curriculum calendar updates.

The second part of our year-by-year 1980s review will be posted at the beginning of May. In the meantime, stay rad!



Episode 1 is now live!

The very first episode of The Rad Carpet is now live!

Thom, Art, Whalen, and CJ offer a window into their respective film tastes (or lack thereof) by running down their favorite films from the first half of the 1980s year by year, relishing the madcap delights of Airplane!, celebrating the alien brilliance of John Carpenter’s The Thing, and roasting with vigor The Right Stuff, among other 80s highlights. The Rad Carpeteers also heat up some takes on the Guy Ritchie universe for an inaugural round of “In or Out”.

The Rad Carpet is, above all, a club, and we want you, the listener, to join in! Unfurl your takes in the comments section below: Were any of your early-80s favorites overlooked? Do any of the 80s touchstones celebrated on The Carpet fail to hold up for you? Are you In or Out on these Guys? Is it possible to be Out on Jason Statham?

Keep an eye out on this site and on Twitter for the second part of the Rad Carpet 1980s rundown, as well as for announcements on the upcoming Rad Carpet curriculum. Thanks for listening… stay rad!     


00:00 – Intro

01:50 – In or Out

12:10 – The 1980s, Year by Year

13:45 – 1980

20:00 – 1981

25:45 – 1982

33:45 – 1983

43:35 – 1984

49:00 – Closing credits