Join Siblo and Whalen as they parse the many rich and varied thematic undercurrents of an incredibly generous year at the movies. You’ll get your Top 10 fix for sure, but first your Carpeteers spend the bulk of the episode bundling the countless notable 2017 films not via numerals but via themes and through lines, hashing out the year in immersive blockbusters, coming out and coming of age dramas, Trump-era button pushers, and so much more. The fellas even dip their toe back into The Shape of Water in response to an articulate piece of listener feedback. The year that was in 2017 is getting one last ride on the Carpet–hop on and get rad!

We don’t want your year end takes–we need your year end takes. Let us know what you thought of our thematic overview: which 2017 cinema preoccupations most interested you? Any films you’d like to add to our thematic roundup? Did one of your top films of the year get the short shrift? Any “of the moment” films you wish we highlighted? Unfurl away in the comments here, on Twitter (@theradcarpet), on our brand spanking new Instagram account, or in the comment section right down there.

We’ll be back on the curriculum tip next month, rolling film on New Hollywood luminary Peter Bogdonovic. Get The Last Picture Show and What’s Up, Doc? queued up and ready to rip. And while you’re at it, stay very rad!


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