Do I listen to the Carpet because I’m rad? Or am I rad because I listen to the Carpet? Any way you slice it, Siblo and Whalen are here to reappraise the beloved 2000 record store rom com High Fidelity (3:30), with special guest Dan Ozzi from Noisey in the mix to comb the stacks and wallow in the Cusackian angst. Plus, your Carpeteers continue their month-long dive into the work of erstwhile New Hollywood luminary Peter Bogdanovich, this time falling hard for the Depression-era charmer that is 1973’s Paper Moon (43:30). Don’t get conned–get rad!

Does High Fidelity hold up for you as an emblem to the bygone days of dusty record store splendor? Does it hold up as an effective rom com? Were you as enamored as we were with Paper Moon? Kick us your thoughts on Twitter (@theradcarpet) or via e-mail (–we’d love to work your takes in on the air.

We’ll be covering two famous Bogdanovich bombs next time, Daisy Miller and They All Laughed, as well as wrap up our thoughts on Bogdanovich at large in Wall to Wall Carpet. Until then–stay rad!


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