In or Out?

The official record of Rad Carpet “In or Out?” results.

Thom Whalen CJ5K CARPET
Guy Pearce Out In In IN
Guy Ritchie Out Out Out OUT
Jason Statham In In In IN
Chris Pine Out Out Out OUT
Cameron Diaz In In In IN
Tony Scott In In In IN
Adam Sandler Out Out Out OUT
Owen Wilson In In In IN
Reese Witherspoon In In In IN
Stephen Dorff In Out In IN
Edward Furlong Out Out Out OUT
Johnny Depp Out Out ?!?! OUT
Ricky Gervais Out In Out OUT
Kate Winslet In In In IN
Jim Carrey Out Out In OUT
Scarlett Johansson Out Out Out OUT
Adrien Brody Out Out Out OUT
Anjelica Houston In In In IN
Luke Wilson In Out Out OUT
Chris Pratt Out In Out OUT
Steve Zahn In In In IN
Eva Mendes Out In Out OUT
Trailers In In Out IN
Theater + VOD In In In IN
Non-theatrical cuts In In Out IN
Midnight movies In In In IN
So bad it’s good In In In IN
In character method In In In IN
Joaquin Phoenix In In In IN
Biopics Out Out Out OUT
Mark Wahlberg In In In IN
Steven Spielberg Out In In IN