Siblo and Whalen trade their summer blues for the grey skies of Glasgow in their first foray into the work of Scottish auteur Lynn Ramsay, covering her youth squalor debut Ratcatcher (37:15) and her impeccably soundtracked grief essay Morvern Callar (1:03:10). But first, your Carpeteers punch their Rad Ticket to discuss the new Ant Man film, the unexpected Sicario sequel, the “once in a lifetime bad” Gotti, and more (4:15) before shaking out the Rad Carpet mailbag for some Carpetspondance regarding moms, dads, and John Waters and further, pizza-themed explorations of the biopic (27:20).

Do these early Ramsay films speak to you? Got any takes on Ant Man, Sicario, Gotti? Unfurl your takes at, on Twitteron Instagram, or on Facebook.


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