Siblo and Whalen punch their Rad Ticket to Solo: A Star Wars Story, and one of them has a bad feeling about the beleaguered prequel (3:30). Your Carpeteers are also split on John Waters’ ode to cinema terror, Cecil B. Demented (33:45), though in the Wall to Wall Carpet segment they both find plenty to gush over from the late career of the elder statesman of filth (57:25).

Where do you stand on this week’s divisive main features? Are you high or low on Solo? Did Cecil B. send you home smiling or groaning? What are your impressions overall of Waters late “mainstream” period?

Join us next month as we anticipate the release of Incredibles 2 by watching and discussing the animated for of Brad Bird, beginning with 1999’s The Iron Giant. Stay tuned… and stay rad!!!


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