Siblo and Whalen run the proverbial gauntlet, reporting back from their respective screenings of Marvel’s ambitious new Avengers: Infinity War (3:10). Then your Carpeteers put a bow on Sophia Coppola month by spinning the recent Criterion release of her debut film The Virgin Suicides (37:40) and wrapping Coppola month with a discussion of the director’s work as a whole in Wall to Wall Carpet (1:05:00).

The fellas were split on Marvel’s new blockbuster–where do you stand? How did the near-20-year-old Virgin Suicides age for you? Which of these Coppola films was your favorite? Give us the proverbial skinny via, on Twitter (@theradcapet), on Facebook, and on Instagram. And don’t forget to help us out with a five-star rating on iTunes, Sticher, or wherever else you do your podcatching.

Throw a tarp on the month of May, cause things are going to get a little filthy: we celebrate a full year with the Carpet calendar by returning to the work of John Waters, this time keying in on his Hollywood period, beginning with 1988’s Hairspray and 1990’s Cry-Baby. Stay tuned–and stay rad!!!  


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