The Carpet is heading to Toyko… and to the Hollywood Hills… oh, and to 18th century France. Yes indeed, the fellas are globe-hopping with Sophia Coppola, as CJ5000 logs in to help Carpet Clean her breakout hit Lost In Translation (4:00), and then Siblo and Whalen unfurl takes on two of her more divisive films, Marie Antoinette (41:30) and The Bling Ring (1:11:40).

Does Lost In Translation endure for you as a 21st century classic? Are you hot or cold on Marie Antoinette and The Bling Ring? Roll your takes our way via, on Twitter (@theradcapet), on Facebook, and on Instagram. And don’t forget to help us out with a five-star rating wherever you catch your pods.

We’ll wrap our Coppola month next time in our grande finale, where we’ll spin the new Virgin Suicides Blu ray from Criterion and review the director’s work as a whole in Wall to Wall Carpet. Stay tuned, and stay rad!


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