We can’t keep this one quiet: the new Rad Carpet is live and loud!

After digging into some listener feedback in Carpetspondence (3:50), Whalen and Siblo tear their Rad Ticket by unfurling takes on the hit John Krasinski horror film A Quiet Place, Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs, with some quick thoughts from Siblo on Aaron Katz’s Gemini and the teen sex comedy Blockers (12:20). For the main event, the fellas begin their month long Sophia Coppola curriculum, starting with 2017’s The Beguiled (32:20) and 2010’s Somewhere (50:00).

Do you out there in Carpetland believe the hype on A Quiet Place? Where you as taken as we were with Isle of Dogs? How did you react to the simmering Beguiled and the gentle, experimental Somewhere? Unfurl your takes at, via Twitter (@theradcapet), on Facebook, and on Instagram. And don’t forget to throw your boys a five-star rating wherever you catch your pods.

There’s much more Coppola in the offiing next time: we’re set to Carpet Clean the director’s breakout Lost in Translation, as well as 2013’s Bling Ring and 2006’s Marie Antoinette. Stay tuned and stay rad!!

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