We’ve reached the final level of our Sci Fi Spielberg month: it’s time to talk Ready Player One!

Siblo and Whalen were somewhat split on Spielberg’s new CG-intensive gamer adventure yarn, so there’s plenty to unpack here, from its referential design to its alleged anti-corporate ethos to its thorny gender politics to its wild action set pieces (3:45). And once your Carpeteers emerge from their RPO deep dive, they go right back under for a big picture look at Spielberg’s sci fi work at large in their Wall to Wall Carpet segment. What is Spielberg’s legacy as a sci fi director? Has Spielberg successfully adapted across his four decades of sci fi work or does he simply skate by on his early success? An oasis of takes awaits–hit play and get rad!

Ready Player One appears to be a somewhat divisive film with critics and audience, as does Spielberg as a whole–where do you stand? Slide your takes on over at, via Twitter (@theradcapet), on Facebook, and on Instagram. And don’t forget to throw your boys a five-star rating wherever you catch your pods.

We’ll be unfurling in some slightly more rarified air next month as we anticipate the Criterion release of The Virgin Suicides with an early spring dance with the films of Sophia Coppola. Cue up The Beguiled and Somewhere for our next episode. And while you’re at it–stay very rad!   


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