Watch the skies, cause a new Rad Carpet episode is hovering your way!

Siblo and Whalen are boarding the Spielberg mothership in anticipation of his forthcoming Ready Player One, here discussing the director’s seminal UFO drama Close Encounters of the Third Kind as well as his somewhat heralded “mature” sci fi effort Minority Report. But first, CJ5000 makes an appearance for a round of “In or Out?”, wherein your Carpeteers unfurl takes on studly New England superstar Mark Wahlberg and, well, on Steven Spielberg himself. The truth is out there–and it’s very rad!

Does Close Encounters hold up for you as classic sci fi? Is Minority Report indeed a mature late-period Spielberg gem? Where do you stand on Wahlberg, Spielberg, or any other relevant -bergs?? Kick us your takes on these questions or on anything at all film related at, on Twitter (@theradcarpet), on our Facebook page, or on Instagram. We do love hearing from you, and there’s a better than decent chance that we can work in what you have to say on the air!

The Stevie sci fi discussion continues next time when we discuss 2005’s maligned War of the Worlds and the much anticipated Read Player One. Stay tuned and rad!


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