The Rad Carpet’s Bogdanovich month takes one more bumbling trip around the roller rink, this time tackling a pair of the director’s box office bombs, 1974’s Daisy Miller (27:15) and 1981’s They All Laughed (45:50). Siblo and Whalen discuss those two vexing entries in the erstwhile New Hollywood stud’s filmography before wrapping a bow on Bog’s work at large in Wall to Wall Carpet (1:11:30). But first, your Carpeteers tear their Rad Ticket, spending a good chatty chunk dishing their thoughts on some new releases, including theatrical notables Annihilation (4:00), Game Night (10:40), Red Sparrow (14:40), and Foreign Language Oscar winner A Fantastic Woman (19:00), as well as the Netflix exclusives Mute (21:00) and Veronica (24:20).

If you’re one of the handful of people who has actually seen Daisy Miller, do you think it deserves this much scorn and outright apathy? Are you a They All Laughed truther? Kick us your takes on all things Bogdanovich, on the new releases we covered, or on anything at all film related to, on Twitter (@theradcarpet), on our Facebook page, or on Instagram. We do love hearing from you, and there’s a better than decent chance that we can work in what you have to say on the air!

Fuel up your saucers for the next episode, where we’ll be amping up for Ready Player One with two older slices of Spielberg sci-fi, his classic Close Encounters of the Third Kind and his futuristic Tom Cruise vehicle Minority Report. As always, thanks for listening and stay rad!

You can find the excellent Teresa Carpenter piece on the death of Dorothy Strattan that we discuss in the They All Laughed segment here. Be forewarned, this essay does contain some graphically violent and sexually explicit material.  


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