What’s that bubbling up from the depths? It’s the latest episode of The Rad Carpet!

Join Thom, Whalen, and CJ5K as they strap on their flippers for a second episode on Guillermo del Toro, soaking in his acclaimed new amphibian romance The Shape of Water, as well as his earliest brush with the hype train, 2001’s horror fable The Devil’s Backbone. Your Carpeteers also have an overview of this month’s four del Toro horror fantasies in their monthly Wall to Wall Carpet segment. Before all that, let’s play some In or Out?, this time keying off of Netflix’s new Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond documentary to discuss in-character Method Acting. You won’t need to get in character to dig on this episode–touch play and get rad!

Of course, del Toro is one of the more beloved filmmakers working today, so perhaps some listeners out there are surprised that our bathwater is decidedly lukewarm on Shape of Water specifically and GDT in general. Bring the heat our way–we’d love to read your takes on the air, even (especially!) if you disagree with us. Hit us up on Twitter (@theradcarpet), via email (, or in the comment section below!

January will be a sentimental month for the Rad Carpet, as the fellas look back longingly at the distant memory of 2017, with an episode on their favorite non-’17 films that they watched that year, and yes, the customary Year in Review episodes, with both top 10 films lists and a more robust discussion of the year’s thematic and cinematic preoccupations. Stay tuned and stay rad!




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