Read it and weep, Mr. Senator–it’s time for another episode of the Rad Carpet!

Thom, Whalen, and CJ5K take one last dip in the George gorge as they watch and discuss Clooney’s two more well-received directorial efforts, his two-color newsroom drama Good Night and Good Luck and his gonged out debut Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. But before all that, the fellas gas up their jetpacks and blast through a Hole in the Carpet segment covering one of Thom’s childhood faves, Disney’s The Rocketeer. And of course, there’s a big picture wrap up of the great November Cloon swoon in Wall to Wall Carpet. Bang a gong, get rad!

Do you folks share the Carpet’s lukewarm appraisal of director’s chair Clooney? Which of these films, if any, would you recommend? Did you reclaim some childlike wonder and get down with The Rocketeer?

Don’t forget to book your seat for The Shape of Water, out wide this weekend, and while you’re at it, check out Guillermo Del Toro’s 2015 haunted house tale Crimson Peak–we’ll be covering both in the weeks to come, along with the director’s earlier gothic horrors Pan’s Labyrinth and The Devil’s Backbone.

If you’re looking for ways to contribute to the pod and help us continue to unfurl the Carpet with pride, head over to our pages on iTunes and Stitcher and throw us a rating and review–we’d really appreciate it.

Thanks for listening–and stay rad!


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