This is the month where fear and radness walk hand in hand!

Thom, Whalen, and CJ5K fire up the fog machine for the first of two episodes on Italian horror granddad Mario Bava, here covering his two early gothic horror films, the influential 1960 satanic shocker Black Sunday and 1963’s kitschy Karloff three-fer Black Sabbath. Your Carpeteers also debut a new segment, Hole in the Carpet, with Whalen introducing Thom and CJ to the feral frights of John Landis’ 1981 cult fave An American Werewolf In London. Beware the moon, stay clear of the moors–and stay very rad!

Is this your first time digging into the visually stimulating world of Mario Bava? What did you think of these movies? Do his films work for you beyond their historical significance? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below, on Twitter, and on our Facebook page.

And do check out our viewing schedule for the remainder 2017–and the first months of 2018! Next episode we’ll be covering yet another period of innovation for Bava–his trend-setting “body count” movies, namely 1964’s Blood and Black Lace and 1971’s Bay of Blood.

If you’re looking for ways to contribute to the pod and help us continue to unfurl the Carpet with pride, head over to our pages on iTunes and Stitcher and throw us a rating and review–we’d really appreciate it.

Enjoy the spooky stuff–and stay rad!


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