Our second Herzog episode is live!

The Rad Carpet has two tons of new episode, and we’re going to pull it over that mountain!

Join Thom, Whalen, and CJ5000 as they discuss two of the most critically acclaimed narrative Werner Herzog films, Nosferatu, The Vampyre and Fitzcaraldo, then use the documentary Burden of Dreams to frame a Wall To Wall Carpet segment considering the German director’s work as a whole. But first, the guys have another round of “In or Out?”, unfurling the takes on two stars of later narrative Herzog films, Steve Zahn and Eva Mendes. Children of the night–what radness they make!

We have two more divisive films here from a director who split the Carpet perhaps more than ever before. What did you guys think? We’d love to hear from you in the comment section below, on Twitter, and on our Facebook page.

And do check out our newly revised viewing schedule for the remainder 2017–and the first months of 2018! We’ve got the October vibes in full effect next episode with two early films from influential Italian horror director Mario Bava, 1960’s Black Sunday and 1961’s Black Sabbath.

If you’re looking for ways to contribute to the pod and help us continue to unfurl the Carpet with pride, head over to our pages on iTunes and Stitcher and throw us a rating and review–we’d really appreciate it.

Happy listening and happy viewing… stay rad!


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