Episode 5! It’s alive!

Goody goody gumdrops, The Rad Carpet is foaming green at the mouth for their third and final early John Waters episode! Thom, Whalen, and CJ5000 are headed to Mortville to discuss Waters’ profane fairy tale Desperate Living before unfurling the first ever Wall to Wall Carpet segment, wherein they pull together the unseemly threads of all four early Waters films discussed over the last month. But first, your valiant Carpeteers class up their act by playing a game of Signature Role, here hashing out the (mostly) prestigious filmography of Julianne Moore.

The Rad Carpet is, above all, a club, and we want you, the listener, to join in! Unfurl your own takes in the comments section below (or on our new Facebook page!): Does the absence of Divine loom large over Waters’ junkyard fairy tale, or does every piece of trash that you pick up remind you of your love for Desperate Living? Do our takes on Julianne Moore make some men uncomfortable?

Check out our viewing schedule for the remainder 2017, and keep an eye out on this site and on Twitter for our next episode, our first on director Edgar Wright, covering his TV show Spaced and his films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. In the meantime, stay rad!


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