Episode 2 is now live!

On the second episode of The Rad Carpet podcast, Thom, Whalen, and CJ 5000 wrap up their year-by-year 1980s review by discussing their favorite films from the years 1985 through 1989. Enjoy an acid-washed rundown of 80s neon gold, as the Carpeteers wax rhapsodic about Back to the Future, splatter praise upon Evil Dead 2,  and get blown to bits by Commando, among many other 80s faves. Plus, the Carpet unfurls a new game, “Signature Role,” here hashing out the legacy of screen legend Jack Nicholson. And of course, there’s a round of “In or Out,” wherein the Carpeteers cook up some takes on Chris Pine, Cameron Diaz, and director Tony Scott.

The Rad Carpet is, above all, a club, and we want you, the listener, to join in! Unfurl your takes in the comments section below: Did the Carpet commit any notable late-80s snubs? Do we know jack about Jack? Do you happen to pine for Pine?

Keep an eye out on this site and on Twitter for upcoming episodes of The Rad Carpet, which will cover the early work of John Waters. And don’t forget to keep up with the curriculum: we’ll be covering Multiple Maniacs and Pink Flamingos next week. Until then, stay rad!

0:20 – Intros

1:40 – Signature Role: Jack Nicholson

8:40 – In or Out?

20:35 – 1985

22:40 – Nostalgia interlude: first theater experiences

31:35 – 1986

41:05 – 1987

47:40 – Nostalgia interlude: sleepover movies

50:22 – 1988

57:10 – 1989

1:06:00 – Outro, acknowledgments, scratch


5 thoughts on “Episode 2 is now live!

  1. Here’s my 85 – 89:
    First Place: Back to the Future
    Runner Up: The Goonies
    Sad to leave off: After Hours | Commando | Fletch | The Last Dragon | A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge | Ran | Return of the Living Dead | Weird Science
    First Place: Blue Velvet
    Runner Up: Hannah and Her Sisters
    Sad to leave off: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off | The Three Amigos | Top Gun | The Wraith
    First Place: Robocop
    Runner Up: Predator
    Sad to leave off: Dirty Dancing | Moonstruck | Slumber Party Massacre II
    First Place: Die Hard
    Runner Up: Who Framed Robert Rabbit
    Sad to leave off: Beetlejuice | Coming to America | A Fish Called Wanda | Killer Klowns from Outer Space | The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad! | They Live
    First Place: Batman
    Runner Up: Do the Right Thing
    Sad to leave off: Cinema Paradiso | Crimes and Misdemeanors | My Left Foot | Roger and Me | sex, lies, and videotape | Teen Witch


    1. Love this list, Josh. I had a riff on Freddy’s Revenge during the Slumber Party Massacre 2 segment that was left on the cutting room floor–we’d already very much maxed out the “Whalen vamps about 80s cheese horror” threshold.


  2. For some reason this podcast inspires lists in me:
    A. Just for the record, I forgot Road House, which is probably my favorite movie of 1989. It’s a total over-the-top classic!
    B. The 2nd Nightmare on Elm Street deserves its own episode!
    C. I watched Do the Right Thing again last night because of this podcast. It’s still great. Giancarlo Esposito!


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